Despite having sufficient amount of rice in stock, the price of rice remained on constant rise over the last week. This periodic rice crisis is indeed artificial in nature, created by opportunist traders who tighten supply lines during critical periods to push prices higher and make hundreds of millions of money in the process. As reported by this daily on Saturday, from January 2, a number of unscrupulous mill owners and wholesalers have slowed down the supply of all types of rice leading to an implausible price escalation.
Experts are of the opinion that there is no credible reason behind the spiralling of rice price, moreover, the last season had seen a bumper rice production across the country. But, the prices of fine varieties of rice remained high over the last week in the city’s kitchen markets. Reportedly, prices of all varieties of rice have been increased by Tk 5-6 per kilogram.
Addressing the current surge in rice price as unusual, wholesalers alleged that they have to pay minimum Tk 200 to Tk 500 in extra for every 50-kg sack of rice while buying from mill owners. Mill owners claimed that they are not getting paddy to produce rice. But to this note, it is to mention that there might be fraudulence of mill owners that is increasing the price of rice. In such a situation, authorities concerned should take actions against the mill owners who are hiking the rice price to serve their petty monetary interests. It is time to intensify the present market monitoring drive in order to restrain unscrupulous traders from making extra profits by
artificially increasing the price. And finally, millers and wholesale traders across the country should not engage in any kind of forgery to surge the rice price.