Staff Correspondent
The solo abstract photography exhibition titled ‘Surface’ by Farid Shah has begun at Galerie Zoom, Alliance Française de Dhaka. The inaugural ceremony of the exhibition was held on Friday, 30 November 2018.
As Encyclopaedia Britannica puts it, surface is the ‘outermost layer of a material or substance.’ Everything we have around us have surfaces — so much so it is appropriate to say that surfaces are anywhere and everywhere.
Through the camera, Farid Shah looks at these surfaces surrounding us and tries to discover an angle that may give way to a view that is new or interesting or refreshing. Sometimes he explores digital effects that may strengthen the aesthetics of these surfaces or amplify the subliminal message embedded in them. This is a rather modern form of photography that has not yet been exposed to a greater extent in this country. Sometimes his photographs may seem abstract in nature, but, under that surface, within the façade, an abounding beauty lies pleasantly.
Farid Shah was born in Dhaka in 1966 and has been doing photography for last forty years.
The exhibition will be open to all until Saturday, 15 December 2018.