Delwar Kabir from Jhenidah

At least 3,000 hectares of Transplanting Aman (T Aman) land is drying up due acute crisis of irrigation water in 12 kilometrte long canal under S9K of Ganges-Kobadak (GK) project of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB). The canal turned into the breeding centre of water hyacinth and other weeds.
The canal is situated at the down portion of R-4 of the canal commanded by the executive engineer of the BWDB in Jhenidah. But the field level supervisor, titles as section officer (SO) and the monitoring officer sub divisional engineer (SDE) do not stay at the headquarters at Shailkupa.
Rather, they live in the district headquarters giving their houses at the BWDB colony at Shailkupa rented to others against a sum of money.
Farmer Abdul Mannan of Hetampur village under S9/K irrigation area said that he brought about two bighas of land under the T Aman farming in the season. The saplings he had transplanted started drying up faster as he could not arrange irrigation water in the GK commanding area.
Abdul Mannan said they could not meet the SO and SDE anyway as they do not attend their office at Shailkupa even once a month. As a result the irrigation water supply to their plots was uncertain.
Mustafa Azamal Mukul, farmers’ association president of S9K and ex chairman of Manaharpur union, said that the BWDB stopped irrigation water supply since October last year.
Since then the canal is abandoned where weeds and water hyacinth grown. The farmers of villages Fajelpur, Hetampur, Bijulia, Manaharpur, Damukdia, Bisnudia, Pathanpara and some other villages are passing their time with anxiety apprehending the tender sapling might be dried up on the plots very soon.
The entire 12 kilometre canal has turned into bushy area where the stagnant rain water was polluted. He is apprehending the saplings might be dried up completely if the irrigation water is not ensured within a day or two. He informed that he contacted the SDE and the executive engineer of BWDB at Jhenidah for several times. The officials had frequently ensured him supplying the irrigation water soon, while they did not keep their promise in past few months.
Engineer of the BWDB at Jhenidah Sarwar Jahan Sujan said that they could not supply the irrigation water to the farmers as a damaged bridge under the main canal in Kushtia is under construction for last few months.
Following absence of the section officer and sub divisional officer at their workplace at Shailkupa, the official said that they will issue letter to them for their wrong doing.