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New Delhi Correspondent
Retired bureaucrat Sunil Arora on Sunday took over as India’s 23rd Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and said the Election Commission has already started its preparations for the next parliamentary polls due early next year to give a fair, credible, free, impartial and ethical election.
Arora, 63, said in a statement that the EC’s “internal preparations” for the Lok Sabha elections “actually started sometimes back. We will try to meticulously prepare on all fronts whether it is EVM, VVPATs disseminations…ensuring voting rights for our soldiers, for persons with disability and give the country a fair, credible, free, impartial and ethical election,”.
In this, he sought the help of his colleagues in the EC, political parties, civil society, NGOs, media and all those who have a stake in the crucial events like elections to Lok Sabha. Arora, who succeeds OP Rawat, as CEC, said the entire democratic world looks up to the Election Commission of India which is a “beacon of hope” for countries transiting towards democracies.
“All I can say at this stage is that all of us in the Commission shall continue to put our best foot forward to meet the expectation of all stakeholders strictly in consonance and in conformity with the vision and ideals of the Constitution of India especially the Preamble thereof,” he said.
Prior to assuming charge as Chief Election Commissioner, Arora was Election Commissioner in the Election Commission ince September last year. During his tenure as CEC, Arora will preside over the conduct of general election to the 17th Lok Sabha besides elections to legislative assemblies of Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand, Delhi, Bihar and Jammu and Kashmir states in the coming months.