S M Mizanur Rahman
People want continuation of development. They have clearly raised their voice in favour of taking Bangladesh to the pinnacle of success, which was lagging behind more than 50 years.
Because of the government without vision and mission in the past, the country was a way behind the development. Now the country’s stars and youngsters thought that enough is enough, according to them, the nation cannot afford a single moment to halt the progress and development of the country.
In that case the government, headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has become most favoured to them.

So, they orchestrated slogans together with all other young people: “People should vote for progress and development”, “Vote for peace against violence,” and “vote for construction against destruction”.
There is a big question why people should support Sheikh Hasina’s government?
She inspires the people to dream and a lot of cherished dreams have already been materialised under her able leadership.
We want a leader who can work very hard, but we have found Sheih Hasina who completely dedicated her life only for the cause of the nation.
The nation is now clearly divided into two camps– one is for development and another for destruction and devastation.

While the pro-liberation forces are coming up with various development works implemented by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina-led government, the anti-liberation forces as part of their blueprint are trying to make the Election Commission controversial in order to foil the poll.
It is now clear to the young generation that BNP-Jamaat does mean killing, repression, corruption and patronising war criminals.
On the other hand, Awami League means development, peace, prosperity and continuation of democracy. They have immensely enhanced the country’s image at home and abroad. And they have a long-term plan to make Bangladesh an advanced and developed nation.
The young people, mostly stars and students, foresee a new and developed Bangladesh under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The pro-liberation forces are urging not to vote for Jamaat, rajakars, Al Badrs, war criminals and those who killed innocent people during the war of liberation and afterwards, especially with petrol bombs in 2014 and 2015, to press home their back-dated political demands.
Besides, they also called upon the young voters to cast their votes in favour of the candidates of pro-liberation forces to keep intact the spirit of liberation war and ideology of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
The young people, especially who are very much enthused to cast their votes for the first time must choose people with modern ideas and clean image, especially who are known to be pro-Bangladesh.
They don’t want to see the repetition of destruction as they want something new and creative that will help the country go forward.

On the other hand, as the anti-liberation forces’ violent activities during its rule or while in opposition between 2001 and 2015 created panic among the public, the young people do not want to see them in power again.
Besides, country’s peace loving young people also want to get rid of the curse of frequent terror acts patronised by BNP-Jamaat allies.
So the young generations are now very cautious about choosing their next government as they do not want to witness the repetition of killings, corruptions, irregularities, and patronising of war criminals again.
Besides, they think if the BNP win the poll, the party will be desperate to take revenge against its opposition political parties instead of doing good for the people. And they will indulge in corruption like they did during their previous tenures.

As the country witnessed tremendous development in the last 10 years of the present government, the young people will cast their votes accordingly. Country has now a total of 10 crore, 41 lakh, 42 thousand and 381 voters. Out of total 2 crore 30 lakh, 55 thousand 378 are young voters. Of them, 5,25,12,105 are men (50.42 pc) while 5,16,30, 276 are female (49.58 pc).. Around 40 lakh young people have been enrolled in the electoral roll as fresh voters.
During the rule of Sheikh Hasina government massive development took place from central to remote villages. The country witnessed various land mark victory during Sheikh Hasina’s government like Land Boundary Agreement (LBA), launching of Bangladesh’s first satellite Bangabandhu-1
Besides, settling a longstanding India-Bangladesh maritime boundary dispute, a Hague-based international court awarded Bangladesh 19,467square kilometres out of 25,602 sq km disputed area in the Bay of Bengal.
The young people are now overseeing the country’s overall latest political development closely to understand which camp is telling the truth.

The young generations were in the dark about the war of independence and the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. They now realise that country’s history especially war of independence and Bangabandhu had been distorted in many ways.
After the assassination of Bangabandhu on August 15 in 1975, the anti-liberation forces captured the state power at gun point and started distorting the history in order to make Major Ziaur Rahman the sole hero, and patronise the war criminals.
These anti-liberation forcers and killers of the father of the nation also erased the name of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib and history of war of independence.
But when Awami League came to power in 1996, the real picture and history became crystal clear to them as they could read the true stories. They came to know what the war of independence was and what Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman did for this nation.