Sunida Witayakarn, Asif Adnan, Tabeen Siddiki and Jami Hossain performing 'Zombie'

Shadman Muhtasim Chowdhury
With winter almost here, its time to crank up the moments with a perfect cup of cappuccion and live music. Usually Beans N Cookies is jam packed on weekends but on Friday, it was more packed than usual on the occasion of ‘Sound Check’. Organised by Beans N Cookies, the event saw performances from up and coming muscisians from various backgrounds.
The show was an unplugged gig with a mixture of Rock n Roll, Indie and Folk matters. The gig started at 5pm with Tabeen Siddiki got the crowd in a groove with ‘Seven Nation Army’, ‘Wonderfully Tonight’, ‘Stand By Me’ and several covers from Slipknot. Befor singing, Tabeen stated that it was his first as a singer and performing in front of such a large crowd was a big deal for him. His performance was followed by that of Sunida Witayakarn, a part time faculty of BRAC University who payed tribute to Linkin Park by performing ‘Numb’ followed by Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’. She added this was her first performance in 10 years and coincindentally that too with guitarist Asif Adnan who was also her student at BRAC.
Asif Adnan the vocal of Green Army and CMO of Beans N Cookies said, “This is an event we have been planning for a long time. We have this plan to promote new muscisians. Every musicians in the event are from various uprising bands so basically we are all jamming together. Many over here love mellow music so this show gives us that oportunity we need to perform as due to genre barriers we are unable to do so.”
Star of the evening, Tabeen Siddiki said, “Me and Asif bhai we were just hanging out together and out of nowhere we came up with this idea of doing an unplugged show. Asif bhai told me he would provide a place and with equipments and told me to manage a set. After that we gathered a bunch of people who have never performed together and through mixing and matching we made this up.”
When asked about the genres they are emphasising on Tabeen added, “ Nothing in particular really, this being an unplugged show the performers are performing as per their likings. Take Audrika for example, she is performing ‘Piano Man’ where as I performed ‘Seven Nation Army’.”
Other performers of the event included Anika Tasnim Biva, Soumik Islam, Murtafa Mridha, Jami Hossain, Syed Tawfique and Tanvir Ahmed Tonmoy. The organizers stressed on the the fact that this is not going to be an one and done event and they hope to host more like in the future and at least twice a month.