Sarwar Azam Manik
The clear blue sky of Cox’s Bazaar sea beach Sugandha Point became a colourful canvas when kite flyers got together for the two-day Kite Festival and their kites were released on the sky.
The kite festival began on Friday and ended on Saturday. The skyline over the sea beach changed its colour with hundreds of colourful kites. Attention grabbing kites in varied size and forms dotted the blue sky. Along with the Bengali kite, half-a-dozen kites, including modern kite wares, dragons, delta, fish rods, eagles, dolphins and octopuses, were released on the sky.
The exceptional scenario was enjoyed by local and foreign tourists and the local people and foreign NGO workers who are working in the Rohingya camp. They were fascinated by the play of this beach kite.
State Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russel inaugurated the two-day kite festival at Sugandha Point on Friday.
Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Zhang Zuo, Saimum Sarwar Kamal MP and Deputy Commissioner of Cox’s Bazar Md Kamal Hossain also attended the inaugural ceremony, among others, with General Secretary of Bangladesh Kite Federation Shahjahan Mridha Benu in the chair. The organization arranged the event.
Zahid Ahsan Russell said that the present government is working to advance the tourism industry. The kite festival is part of it.
Chinese Ambassador Zhang Zhu said that this kind of kite festival was a time in China.
Shahjahan Mridha Benu urged everyone to come forward to organize this such festival in the future. Participants say, if festival is organized every year in the longest beach, it will play a vital role in the development of the tourism industry. Israt Jahan, one of the participants who came from Dhaka, said “We use a small area to fly a lot of kites. Now there is no open sky. It will be very good if the festival is arranged every year in the world’s longest sea beach.”
Nadeem said that he is very happy after taking part in the kite festival. Yemen’s citizen Ahmad, who works in a foreign organization in Rohingya camp, said he enjoyed the kite festival. Development worker Nasrin Akhter Monica, who also works in Rohingya camp, said that she came to enjoy the kite festival due to the holiday. She wants such kite flying on the beach in holiday.