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December 3, 1993—an ordinary day to many, but a very special day for the popular acting duo and now real-life couple Moushumi and Omar Sani. On this very day, the duo, pairing up together for the first time, made their big-screen debut with the film ‘Dola’. Yesterday marked the silver jubilee of Moushumi and Omar Sani as an acting duo.
After ‘Dola’, the duo has appeared in multiple films together which garnered the audience’s admiration. Following the success of their films together, they later got married in 1996 and started living a happy and peaceful life till now.
Successful in both film and real life, Moushumi and Omar Sani has come across a long way. They have appeared together in a big number of films, like ‘Atto Ahongkar’, ‘Prothom Prem’, ‘Muktir Sangram’, ‘Harano Prem’, ‘Goriber Rani’, ‘Priyo Tumi’, ‘Shukher Shorgo’, ‘Mittha Ahangkar’, ‘Ghat Protighat’, ‘Lojja’, ‘Kotha Dao’ and ‘Saheb Namey Golam’, among others.
About completing the 25-year journey with Moushumi in showbiz, Omar Sani said, “With the grace of almighty Allah Moushumi and I are living happily with the blessings of everyone. Regarding our film life, we did not even notice how we passed these 25 years. With the love of the viewers, we have passed this journey and we are always grateful to them.”
Moushumi said, “With ups and down in our life, we have passed more than two decades of our life. Along the way, we are trying to raise our children as good human beings. Doing such, we did not even realize that our film pair has passed a timeline of 25 years. I would like to thank everyone associated with us on this journey.”