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Special Correspondent
Road mishaps across the country have witnessed a significant fall in recent days due to numerous initiatives undertaken by the government.
Road expansion, proper traffic control, and round-the-clock vigilance of law enforcers have helped reduce the accidents on highways to a great extent.
Several directives from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, particularly relating to a restriction on drivers plying their vehicles on the highways for five hours at a stretch, keeping substitute drivers on long routes and providing training to drivers and helpers, have contributed significantly to the decline in the number of road accidents.
In the last six months, around 1500 persons died and another four thousand were injured across the country. In 2017, at least 7,397 people were killed and 16,193 injured, according to sources.
Roads and Bridges officials attributed the decrease in traffic accidents and fatalities to the ongoing efforts by traffic departments across the country to improve road safety and increase driver awareness about the dangers on the road.
They believe that the hard work by government bodies, including traffic police and the Road and Transport Authority, has paid off.
Officials said it is ‘amazing’ to see a significant improvement in road safety.
Prof Moazzem Hossain, director of the Accident Research Institute at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), said that in 90 per cent of the cases, reckless driving is responsible for road accidents. That simply means an effective drive against reckless driving may prevent 90 per cent of road accidents in the country.
In the view of transport experts, reckless driving is still a cause of concern, especially because of the attitude of bus drivers, who are in a ferocious competition to beat rival bus companies in attracting the most passengers.
There are several other factors, the most worrying of which is the culture of not providing enough time to drivers to rest following long route driving. Lured by thoughts of making maximum profits by spending the least, owners of several coach services often deprive drivers of rest and sleep time, they added. ***