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Singer Kazi Shoma, who is having a busy time with her stage performance, is planning to focus on the original songs.
She said that being occupied with her ‘stage shows’ left her with little time to pay attention to her basic songs. And, so, this New Year, she will devote herself to signing basic songs.
In this regard, Shoma has already contacted music director Nazir Mahmud. He will compose new music for Soma, while Ahmed Rizvi will write the lyrics.
Shoma said, “I have had a hectic time with stage shows throughout the year. That is why it was not possible for me to concentrate on making original songs. In this year, I will try to concentrate on making my own original songs. I hope Ahmed Rizvi, one of my favorite lyricists, will write some nice songs for me.”
Hailing from Banchharampur of Brahmanbaria, Kazi Shoma is the daughter of late Kazi Ataur Rahman and Hasna Begum. She has been engaged with classical music from her childhood. She has been receiving training in classical music from Ustad Sanjeeb Dey from 2005.
Kazi Shoma’s most favourite singer is Runa Laila. Shoma performed in stage shows in Italy and Switzerland in 2016.
Shoma is supposed to perform in a stage show in Narayangonj on January 16 this year.