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Bangladesh continues to make its presence stronger in the international shipbuilding market through increasing its productivity and developing skilled manpower.
The technically advanced country is now building large ships. And a good number of ships have already been exported to different countries.
Good support on part of the government has given a boost to this promising sector.
More than 7,500 workers have been trained up in last three years for shipbuilding, officials concerned said.
The Association of Export Oriented Shipbuilding Industry Bangladesh (AEOSIB) has been imparting training the Under Skills for Employment Investment Programme (SEIP) with the financial support of Asian Development Bank (ADB) to enhance productivity in the shipbuilding industry. ADB is giving $350 million funds for the government’s $445.5 million project in SEIP.
The Manila-based lender has provided $100 million in the first tranche between 2014 and 2018, while another $100 million in the second tranche between 2017 and 2020.
In the third tranche, ADB has planned to provide assistance amounting to $150 million up to 2024 for developing manpower in Bangladesh’s different sectors.
Executive Project Director of SEIP Jalal Ahmed said many workers are getting jobs abroad with higher salary after training from here which also helps the country to earn more remittance.
He said they trained up 7,565 workers of the shipbuilding industry at 15 institutes across the country under the SEIP over the last three years.
He further said in the first phase of SEIP, the government has set the target of developing 7,000 skilled workers for the industry.
He added the target in the second phase is 5,000 by 2020, and in the third phase 9,000 more by 2024.
Ahmed said the main components of SEIP are to scale up training in six priority sectors — garments and textile, leather and footwear, construction, light engineering, IT and shipbuilding.

Country Director of the ADB Manmohan Parkash said “Bangladesh has tremendous potentials in shipbuilding industry with its economy growing rapidly.
If people are trained with the right education, the growth can become 8-10 percent, he added.
Parkash said highlighted five things — good policymaking, good tech management, investing in infrastructure, investing skills and human capital and embracing the new technologies, can make Bangladesh a well-developed country.
Managing Director of Western Marine Shipyard Ltd M Sakhawat Hossain said “Bangladesh will continue to make its presence stronger in the international shipbuilding market through enhancing its productivity and developing skills.”
He said the investment in skill development generated more jobs and it is boosting the image of Bangladesh and adding values in a big way.
“We can have stronger presence in global market as we’re saying — shirt to ship,” he added.