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Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has set example for world leaders with her morals and strong humanitarian support for mankind.
Sheikh Hasina, the mother of humanity, is surely leading by example as out of her profound love and affection to helpless and persecuted people she has sheltered around 10 lakh forcibly displaced Rohingya Muslims in her country, which is already overpopulated, and is also fulfilling all of their basic needs.
Rohingya refugees are definitely burden on Bangladesh, but Sheikh Hasina accepted them on humanitarian grounds as she said in different times, “If we can feed 160 million people of Bangladesh and we can share food with another 1 million refugees”.
She arranged accommodation for millions of Rohingyas and also fulfilled their basic needs. If any statesman wants to gain the people’s trust, confidence and love at home and abroad, he or she must set an example by standing beside the distressed, helpless and displaced people.
No other countries in the world have ever shown the same gesture but the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, daughter of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, has already given shelter to Rohingyas in a step towards entrenching her position among the most dynamic leaders across the globe.
When Sheikh Hasina has opened up her door for hapless Rohingya refugees, other influential global leaders are planning to construct boundary walls or going hard at their respective borders with to thwart entry of helpless migrants to their countries.
Developed countries continue to laud the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in addressing the plight of the Rohingyas who fled to Bangladesh from their homeland Rakhine State in Myanmar.
But when it comes to their turn, they are intolerant to refugees and reluctant to extend their supports for them.
And it is an irony that the countries, who are ousting migrants terming them illegal, are putting pressure on Bangladesh to shelter more refugees.
In 2017 United Arab Emirates based Daily Khaleej Times declared Sheikh Hasina as ‘Star of the East’ and Mother of Humanity by Channel Four in London for her positive activities for Rohingyas.
And her foresight, bold leadership, philosophy and thoughts, were highly appreciated at home and abroad.
Crossing barbed-wire fences, rough seas, hills, deserts and dense forest, people from many war-devastated, trouble-torn, developing or poor countries reached the developed countries either for shelter or work, these rootles and helpless people are either ousted instantly or sent to jail.
USA, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Canada and many other developed countries sealed off their borders in order to resist the outsiders.
On the other hand more than 700,000 Rohingyas have crossed into Bangladesh from Rakhine since August 2017, when Myanmar launched a brutal military crackdown which has been denounced by the UN as a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing”.
And now the Rohingya people are living in Bangladesh without any passports. They are also being provided with all sorts of needs including food and medicare facilities.
Bangladesh, which had been sheltering another 400,000 Rohingyas prior to the fresh exodus, continued demanding the United Nation and the international community put pressure on Myanmar to guarantee the safe and dignified return of the refugees.
On humanitarian grounds, Sheikh Hasina-led Awami League government of Bangladesh as well as its people welcomed Rohingyas despite its own priorities and its efforts to address needs of women and girls and protection of their rights and dignity during this world’s worst humanitarian crisis.