Photo : Shadman Muhtasim Chowdhury

ZakiaTasnim Chowdhury

Nowadays, Dhaka people are becoming conscious about their food choices. The increasing number of food courts and restaurants with their successful business proves that.
Steaks are becoming one of the favourites in Dhakaites’ food choices. To match up with the demand, there has been a recent rise in the number of steak places in the city.
Located in Gulshan 2, Shaw’s Steakhouse is the definition of an ideal steakhouse.The ambiance inhales luxury and speaks of sheer sophistication with marble-clad floors, elegant and tasteful partitions, spacious sofas wrapped with rich leather, gleaming silverware and sophisticated tableware.
Featured sections consist of a luxurious lounging area, an exclusive corporate dining section, a posh juice bar, fine dining and the terrace.
Those who are looking to blow off some steam while tasting the scrumptious steaks, they offer you the terrace area delicatelydesigned with wooden tables.
The menu features anample selection of genuine cuts of steaks which are rare in Dhaka, a diverse selection of amazing appetizers,seafood platters, choices of mocktails and toothsome desserts.
The live kitchen area is positioned in front of the diners.The food is prepared by internationally acclaimed chefs, the meat is imported from Australia and from a local agent renowned for selling gourmet, premium meat for steaks, all the vegetables used are fresh local produces handpicked by the chefs every morning while the seafood comes from all over the world and is sourced from reputed agents.
The most incredible fact is that the steaks are done according to the customer’s preference. It is quite rare in Dhaka that you would get your steaks or grills done however you want.
Shaw’s was created with an aim to fill-in for the lack of a fine dining American style Steakhouse in Dhaka.
All in all, Shaw’s Steakhouse is a great place for steak lovers who want to enjoy it with a luxurious environment.The food and atmosphere; or the whole experience is worth the price.