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Shanta First Income Unit Fund (SFIUF) declares dividend of 5.0% for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 ended on 30 June 2018 after operating only for four months. Shanta Asset Management Limited (SAML) – the sponsor of the fund – informs that shareholders who hold units on 30 June 2018 will be eligible for the declared dividend. During this time, the fund has generated BDT 0.58Earnings Per Unit (EPU).
The subscription for the fund has been commenced on 14 February 2018. Remarkably, the entire subscription has been completed in the very first day of the subscription (14 February 2018). SFIUF commenced investing from the first week of March 2018. Driven by efficient fund management and rigorous research, the fund continuously outperforms the broad index of Dhaka Stock Exchange. The fund generated NAV return of 7.1% whereas DSEX, the broad index, declined 7.9%, outperforming the broad index by 15.0%.
Mohammad Emran Hasan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SAML said, “In-depth research and discipline are utmost priority in fund management. We put our best effort on quality research for superior risk adjusted return.”
Emran added, “In developed countries individual investors generally invest in the capital market through open-end mutual funds. Even in India, Open-ended mutual funds are very popular. But, in Bangladesh Mutual funds are yet to earn adequate demand among general investors. Moreover, general investors don’t have adequate investment management skills and time. Therefore, investors should seek for mutual funds which is managed by efficient and honest fund managers. We strive to continue our tremendous performance in fund management and expect that SFIUF will be the best choice for investors as an investment vehicle.”