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Masumuzzaman, Narayanganj
The assumption that two brothers of the “Osman” family, AKM Shamim Osman and AKM Selim Osman, will be contesting for the Narayanganj-4 and 5 seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections, is apparently finally turning into a reality .
In the tenth parliament, both brothers are lawmakers in constituencies 4 and 5, backed by Awami League and Jatiya Party.
The highest concentration of voters is in Narayanganj-4, with 6,51,123, and the second highest Narayanganj-5, with 4,45,616. Shamim will fight in the highest voter area, and Selim, in the second highest.
In the five constituencies, total voters are 20,34,263, wherein only two constituencies, have over 11 lakh, or fifty percent in the district.
AKM Shamim Osman politically is from Awami League making his debut in Awami League’s student wing Chhatra League.
On the other hand, AKM Selim Osman’s debut was as a businessman who turned to politics following the death of his elder brother AKM Nasim Osman, as a Jatiya Party lawmaker. Selim Osman was then elected in a by-election in the Narayanganj-5 constituency.
Mass communication has already been started by Osman family members, Shamim and Selim and their loyalists. Besides, there is a growing optimism that the Osman family members, who contest in the 11th parliamentary elections, will win with huge margins over their competitors.