Masumuzzaman, Narayanganj
Shamim Osman, sitting lawmaker from ruling Awami League in the largest constituency of the district in terms of voters, is in the face of a tough contest with BNP candidate Shah Alam, and BNP rebel Muhammad Giasuddin, now an independent candidate.
A new tension for Shamim Osman, is that the equation may change in character if Giasuddin contests.
Having failed to secure party nomination, former BNP lawmaker Giasuddin submitted nomination as an independent candidate which was cancelled during scrutiny by the district returning officer on December 2.
For some time, tension eased following the cancellation, but it reset as the election commission declared Giasuddin’s nomination valid in an appeal hearing on December 7.
Shamim Osman, two-term-lawmaker from Narayanganj-4 constituency constituting Fatulla and Shiddhirganj police stations, is a lone candidate from the Awami League, and his supporters desire that the situation stay absolutely in his favor.
BNP candidate Shah Alam lost to Awami League candidate Sarah Begum Kobori in 2008, and he is more popular as a businessman than as a politician. Two thana unit leaders of the Awami League hoped their election campaign and victory would be easy as BNP had not nominated Giasuddin.
A total of fourteen candidates from different parties are now valid to vie in the upcoming 11th parliamentary election. Among all the candidates, Shamim Osman, Shah Alam and Giasuddin will be in the heat of the contest.
Political analysts say, as Gaisuddin’s candidature has become valid, new calculations have to come into play because Shamim Osman will be facing two rival candidates in the race, and has to face them more strongly than in the previous scenario.