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The name of the film was changed twice, first it was ‘Ektu Prem Dorkar Manoniyo Sharkar’ and then it named ‘Culprit’ but finally the name was changed to ‘Ektu Prem Dorkar’. directed by Shahin Sumon. Shakib Khan will be seen in the film in his usual avatar of romance and charm.
When asked on the series of changes, Shahin Sumon said, “The name of the film was not really going with the story so we decided to change it altogether.”
Shooting for the film is going on in the capital and it will continue till next week. Some songs and fight scenes are yet to be created. The work will not take up the entire month of October and the second phase of the shooting will take some time to begin.
In 2015, the Shakib Khan-Shahin Sumon duo had made a film called ‘Love Marriage’ with actor Apu Biswas as the heroine. ‘Ektu Prem Dorkar’ will feature the new heartthrob Shabnam Bubbly opposite Shakib Khan.