Bangladesh Test and T20I skipper Shakib Al Hasan’s fears that his injured left hand little finger is in danger of not recovering fully, said Shakib before departing for Australia Friday night at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka. The former number one all-rounder said that the infection on the finger is his biggest threat, and needs to be cleared before surgery. But Shakib hopes doctors will be able to bring his finger back to playing conditions.
“This finger will never get hundred percent fit as it’s a soft bone so there is no chance to recover fully. They [doctors] will try to bring my hand to a condition so that I am able to hold the bat and continue playing cricket,” said Shakib to the reporters on Friday.
Tigers elite all-rounder suggested that he will consult with Australian doctor Greg Hoy in Melbourne.
“The biggest threat is the infection because until the infection is cleared totally, surgeons will not do anything with it because if they work on it, with any kind of infection around the finger, there is a possibility that it can travel into the bones and if that is the case then the whole hand will be spoiled,” he added.
“Until the infection comes down to zero no doctor will be able to do a surgery on my finger. If they try to do the surgery then the infection will go to the bone and the entire hand will be in danger. So at the moment the main thing is to decrease the infection,” he added. The 31-year-old also said he wants to take part in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) next year. “First of all the infection needs to be clear and only then I will get to know how long it will take. It will take six to eight weeks once the main surgery is done but usually it takes six weeks. If it takes six weeks then I will be able to return to the field and then I might play the BPL,” he concluded. However, BCB chief physician Dr. Debashish Chowdhury is hopeful about Shakib’s recovery and said his infection will be in control within two week.
“His condition has improved slightly. He is suffering less pain now. At the moment, he is under antibiotic treatment. It will continue for one more week and we are hoping his infection will be controlled within this period,” said Debashish.
Shakib injured his finger in the final of the tri-nation series in January this year when he dived to stop a single and dislocated his left hand’s little finger upon impact with the ground. Shakib’s injury was mishandled by the team management and it has now become worse. Before the Asia Cup in UAE Shakib insisted not to play as he was not fully fit but BCB was reluctant and kept him in the roster. He played in the Asia Cup and the injury aggrevated. Shakib was ruled out before the Super Four match against Pakistan.

Talha Kamal