BP Report
All-rounder Shakib Al Hasan, the biggest star in the history of Bangladesh cricket, has asked the youths of the country to help Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in her battle for making the country win.
A two-minute video has become viral on Facebook, in which Shakib, who is very popular amongst the young people of the country, delivered a motivating speech for the youths.
In the video Shakib said, “From 1999 to 2004 we lost most of the 72 matches we played in but we wanted to win because this is not just a game for us, this is our country. This is why we were able to turn things around. Even now when I go to the crease, Bangladesh stands with me.”
“I am no superman, I am just another son of this land. I know everyone is different in their own ways but in one aspect we are all together and that is our beloved Bangladesh,” he went on saying.
“We call this country our mother but do we think of it the same way that we do about our own mothers? But the country thinks of us and takes care of our good and bad. So it is time to think about the nation now because a country means nothing else but you, me and us,” Shakib said in the video.
“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who lost all her family members, is trying to make the country win. Bangladesh is her family now. She is working for the good of everyone, especially the youths. She has enacted policies to build an abundant Bangladesh. I need your active participation. My belief is that when we stand up, Bangladesh won’t lose because youths are the future. Now it’s your turn,” the Test and T20 skipper who captained Bangladesh to their biggest Test win on Sunday against the West Indies concluded.