Rahul Ray, Jashore
With upcoming national elections, Awami League (AL) General Secretary Shahin Chaklader has been creating news in Jashore, fast becoming the ‘talk of the town’ with his resignation as sadar upazila parishad chairman. Rumour is in the air of his surefire image of having the oars of the boat ballot symbol.
Last Wednesday with the news of his nomination for Jashore and Keshabpur, discussions swiftly moved on to whether Kazi Nabil Ahmed or Esmat Ara will lose out to him. The clear majority opinion seems to be that one or the other of them will be losing out to Chaklader.
On the last day of nomination paper submission, documents in Chaklader’s name were submitted for Jashore-3 and Jashore-6 by members of the party to the respective authorities.
Jashore-3 (sadar) comprises of one municipality and 15 unions. But Basundia union is under Jashore-4. There is a total of 7,42,898 people in the region. Out of 5,06,658 voters from the area, 2,58,851 are men and 2,47,807 are women voters – along with 25,329 new voters.
There are followers of Chaklader both in the union parishad chairs as well as the union and rural committees. Thus he has the ability to be an influential nominee, said Jashore Awami League officer Mahmud Hasan Bipu.