Staff Correspondent
The Shaheed Nur Hossain Day will be observed tomorrow (Friday) in a befitting manner, commemorating the martyrdom of a young pro-democracy activist during the anti-Ershad movement in the late 80s.
In a press release signed by Awami League’s office secretary Dr Abdus Sobahan Golap on Wednesday said that on that day Awami League will pay tribute to Gulisthan’s Nur Hossain square and also offer munajat for his departed soul.
AL general secretary and road transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader in a statement urged all the party and allies members to celebrate the brave men of the history of Bangladesh’s democratic movement Shaheed Nur Hossain with proper dignity
On November 10 in 1987, Nur Hossain gave self-sacrifice to fight against the tyrannical ruler in the capital city.
He imprinted his bare chest and back with slogan “Swairachar Nipat Jak, Gonotantra Mukti Pak” (down with autocracy, let democracy be freed) is a rare incident in the country’s democratic movement history.
With his self-sacrifice, the anti-autocracy movement was even more vigorous and due to continuous face of the movement, the autocratic ruler had to step down on December 6, 1990.