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S M Mizanur Rahman
Law enforcement agencies have stepped up their vigilance across the country in a bid to make sure that none can destabilise country’s law and order situation ahead of the forthcoming 11th parliamentary election.
Security personnel will start roaming throughout the country to maintain law and order so that the December 30 polls can be held peacefully, a highly placed source said.
According to the same source, they have been asked to net criminals and troublemakers engaged in plotting conspiracy to foil the national election.
Criminals and vested quarters engaged in hatching conspiracy to destroy peace across the country before and during the 11th parliamentary election will not be spared, a high-up of the home ministry warned.
“We’re constantly strengthening the security protections in every life and property. Law enforcement agencies are tasked with the immense duty of keeping country’s people and their properties safe and secure,” Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal told Bangladesh Post.
Replying to a query he said country’s people are now living peacefully as there has been a significant decline in criminal activities carried out by the hoodlums and extremists during the rule of Awami League.
“Yet, we want to assure people of providing all security as the parliamentary election is nearing. If people are ensured with security and congenial atmosphere, they will go to the polling centres and franchise their voting rights smoothly,” he added.
Kamal said the government would find out criminals, trouble makers and vested quarters, who are acting against peace and trying to foil the next polls.
“Those who are involved in plotting conspiracy and want to destroy peace across the country will not be spared. They would be nabbed,” he warned.
Apart from the regular drive, the members of different law enforcing agencies have been asked to get ready for launching crackdown on criminals and troublemakers anytime just ahead of polls.
Meanwhile, the authorities have prepared lists of illegal firearms holders, most wanted criminals, troublemakers and illegal drug and firearms traffickers.
The law enforcers have targeted divisions, districts, upazila headquarters, police stations and the crime prone areas of the country and the highways.
On the other hand, different vested quarters issued threat to create chaos if their detained leaders who have been awarded jail are not released.
According to the confessional statement by militant activists, they are plotting to commit big crimes like subversive activities, inform intelligence agencies.
The law enforcers have been asked to remain alert about the activities militants.
Additional members of law enforcing agencies including police, RAB and BGB have been kept ready to be called out any time to crack down on criminals.
Besides, the special forces have also been put on alert for possible movement into different regions of the country.
Earlier, several rounds of talks were held among government high-ups to contain crime and thwart any subversive activities including murders, extortions, robberies and violation of women just ahead of the national election.
The law enforcers are raiding the suspected hideouts of criminals and banned organisations Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh (JMJB), Jamaatul Mujahideen and Harkatul Jihad as they have already started reorganising in the name of various organizations.
As the Bangladesh Nationalist Party-led Jatiya Oikyafront’s high commands ordered their leaders and workers to get prepared to guard the polling centres on the voting day, a sense of insecurity has started developing in the minds of the people.
Another official said anybody associated with any organisation resorting to terrorist activities and disrupting law and order will be sternly dealt with.
According to the source, a heavy contingent of police has been kept standby to launch the operation anytime in the next month.
“The forces have been kept on alert for possible movement to different places of the country as well as highways. Intelligence personnel have already reached different places to identify the points of deployment,” the source said.