Swadhinata Sangram, the country’s one of the largest sculpture gardens, attracts a good number of visitors including children every day. This is absurd that most of the sculptures at the garden portraying the historical figures of Bangladesh have no nameplate attached to them. Hence, authorities concerned should immediately devise actions to attach nameplates and short identity with every single sculpture at the Swadhinata Sangram.
It is very important to know their name so that the people can recall the historical figures to match the depicted faces with. It is almost impossible for one to recognise all these historic faces without nameplate. Many of today’s youths are not familiar with the portrait of our historical figures. Nameplates could help them easily recognise the persons installed at the sculpture garden.
It is known that eminent sculptor Shamim Sikder established this sculpture garden in 1999. Situated on the Fuller Road, between Jagannath Hall and SM Hall of the University of Dhaka, Swadhinata Sangram has a total of 116 statues depicting the major persons in the history of Bangladesh. Holding the National flag on the top, the garden represents the heroes from four phases of history—1952, 1969, 1971 and 1975 along with the mentors of Bengali Culture.
However, it is disgraceful to note that only about 10, out of those 116 sculptures, have nameplates which identify Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Rabindranath Tagore, George Harrison, Humayun Ahmed and so on. Every single sculpture of the Swadhinata Sangram bears the testimony of history and glory of this nation. How could relevant authorities be so careless to attach nameplates to such important sculptures? Considering the situation, it is high time for the university authorities to put in the nameplates so that today’s youth can recognize those immortal persons who sacrificed their life for the nation and country.