Election is one of the key components of democracy because it ensures citizens’ participation in governance and government’s accountability and encourages healthy political competition. To this end, free, fair and credible election is a must. And to make sure holding of such an election, protection of the citizens’ rights and assurance of their security to participate in the electoral process in a peaceful environment have no other alternative.
In Bangladesh, violence and conspiracy have been an integral part of election. But the very common scenario has changed to a large extent this year as the current Election Commission as well as the incumbent government is showing, every now and then, their firm stance on holding the upcoming national election in a non-violent way. As a result, the voters are in a festive mood as all political parties and alliances, including Jatiya Oikyafront, are joining the national election. It is not that there is no conspiracy to hold back country’s democratic progress, but it is to be acknowledged that those attempts are being frustrated by the apt administration and law enforcing agencies.
EC, in this regard, has asked the magistrates to work for protecting the voters while going to and coming from the polling centres. We hail the directives EC has passed on so that the peaceful and festive atmosphere is not disturbed by some groups of vested interests. We urge the authorities concerned to perform their duties properly and also to remain alert. Actions are required so that no violence can take place centering on the polls.
On the other hand, executive magistrates must ensure the security of the presiding officers too as cooperation between the executive magistrates and the presiding officers can help holding a fair election. Also they need to keep contact with presiding officers and other colleagues to get updates about the polling stations. We hope all the authorities concerned including law enforcers will remain highly sincere and address any possible untoward situation with intelligence and skill. The people, too, have to be alert against any such incident which can harm the electoral process. They should
also cooperate with law enforcers to resist any sort of violence.