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Actors Sabila Nur and Manoj Pramanik are currently busy with the teledrama ‘Durotter Naam Obhiman’. Written by Shafiqur Rahman Shantanu, the drama has being directed by Dipu Hazra.
Sabila would be seen in the role of Rinki while Manoj will be seen as Avik. Other cast members include Dr Enamul Hoque, Rimi Karim, Asif Nazrul, Mili Munshi, Baisakhi Gouri, Mohona and others.
In the drama Rinki would be seen suffering from Kleptomania. She is seldom seen stealing from here and there. This activity is completely unnecessary and in most cases she doesn’t use the stolen stuff. Finally she is caught red-handed while stealing from an upscale shop. She is handed over to the authorities and is taken to the police station. As the situation starts to deteriorate, she calls Avik for help. Soon Avik comes to the rescue and handles the situation. The officer-in-charge of the case suggests Avik take to take her to a psychiatrist.
The director has already confirmed that they have ended shooting of several sequences in various places of Uttara. He is very hopeful about the drama. He stated, “I have taken good care while shooting this drama. The story is quite different. For now all I can say is, the audience will be able to enjoy this teledrama.”