Aminur Rahman
Translated by Ahmed Tahsin Shams

Runny nose—to my dear poems
due to the dam weather’s swinging face often.
The only play it performs—
discharging stream stuck inside,
air—in and out—terrible tunes at task!
Poems—perceived as if Devdas—
as if monsoon-stricken streets,
as if itching phase at peak.
Its legs act numb,
lip hates to be unlocked.
Oh! Runny nose—dear poems.

Runny nose—to my dear poems.
Two consecutive dozes of iambs and trochees
couldn’t cure the constant runs.
None can assure when and where
this witch-like itch will take over dear nose.
Beloved poems might have gone through dust,
with tiring trudge around book-fair-stalls.
How to be cured? Poems do not pay heed
to ginger-gurgle prescription.
“Tongue tastes sour
when med’ on nose” and there’s the knot.
Oh! Poems’ runny nose.


Aminur Rahman is a Bangladeshi poet whose poems have been translated in numerous languages and published from many countries. He is also Managing Director, IMS Health Bangladesh Limited. Moreover, he has represented Bangladesh in The XII World Poetry Festival, Medellin, Colombia (2002), The World Poetry Reading, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2002 & 2004), The World Poetry Festival, Kaushiang, Taiwan (2005), The Pan Pasific and 10th Asian Poetry Festival, Tokyo Japan (2005), The XXVI World Congress of Poets, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (2006), The XXVII World Congress of Poets, Chennai, India (2007). He was awarded Chinggish Khhan Gold Medal for contribution to world literature by Chinggish Khaan University, Ulaanbaatar, Mongilia (2006), awarded by Comparative Literature Association, Malaysia (2007).

—Ahmed Tahsin Shams is Lecturer, Department of English, Notre Dame University Bangladesh, as well as a Bangladeshi poet and critic.