Wayne Rooney thinks Manchester City will face fierce opposition from his former club Manchester United this season’s premier league, BBC reveals.
In a wide-ranging interview, spoke to BBC Sport DC United striker on Everton, Man U, England & MLS.
Rooney talked about his decision to leave England, whether Manchester United can challenge Manchester City, England’s World Cup campaign and his coaching ambitions.
“Everton made it clear if there was an offer there, they would be happy for me to go,” said Rooney, who made his DC United debut on Saturday. I understand they have brought a new manager in, got new staff, they obviously want to bring in players that manager wants. I am sure it will release money for the new players who come in. I am sure that was in their thinking. I said to them if that is what you want, I am not going to hang round and be a dead weight. I will go somewhere else and play.”
“I would not have come out if my family did not want to come out. They are my priority. It was important they came over with me,” he added. “I also felt the city was more suited to me and my family than Los Angeles or New York. I spoke to the owners, I was excited by the team. They told me about the new stadium and the new training ground they are opening next April. It felt like the club was moving in the right direction.”
“You do try and plan things but my main focus has to be on what the team does here,” said Rooney. “In the back of my mind, I am hoping that by the end of that three and a half years, I will have all my coaching badges done. Then I have the opportunity to do what comes up, whether that is coaching, management or TV. I have said before, it would be a shame to walk away from football after being involved in it for so long. It is something I have an interest in and am passionate about. If the right option comes up then of course it is something I would look at.”
“It was great to watch although I was disappointed we didn’t get to the final,” added Rooney. “They had a great tournament. They are a young team. Hopefully the club managers continue to play some of them and they get more game-time.”
Rooneyis confident Jose Mourinho’s side can make a stronger push for the title next season, despite finishing 19 points behind champions Manchester City in 2017-18.
“Obviously they can challenge, it’s a massive club. Last year was different because of how well Manchester City did,” he said. “In any other year, they might have won the title. A lot of people looked at what Manchester City did and said Manchester United didn’t play that well.
“But they actually had a good season. Obviously they didn’t win anything but I think they can take confidence from that and I believe they can push Manchester City next season.
“I saw that people said they weren’t playing the most attractive football. But they scored a lot of goals. I think they are getting there. Hopefully it won’t be long before they win the title again.”
“If DC United do well, I will be happy here. I have come here to win titles,” he said. “That is what I hope to achieve whilst I am here.”