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Habibullah Mizan

ASM Abdur Rob, a controversial politician who is playing vital role in newly formed anti-government alliance Jatiya Oikyafront led by BNP, may eventually part ways with the alliance if he fails to get nomination from his own constituency in Laxmipur.

Sources said he is keeping contact with Mahi B Chowdhury, organizing secretary of Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh, which left Oikyafront as the alliance did not exclude war crimes scandal hit Jamaat-e-Islam Bangladesh.

Within next two or three days, Rob will disclose his decision in this regard.

Oikyafront leaders hinted that Rob is going through silent battle with BNP leaders. The major reason behind the increasing disputes is the uncertainty over getting alliance ticket from the Laxmipur constituency.

In any excuse, he will not agree to give up his hope to get BNP nomination for the seat. Disputes have been reached such a level that political observers are considering it as a serious conflict between BNP and Rob.

According to the local sources, Laxmipur constituency is A S M Abdur Rob’s birthplace. It is his first choice to fight from in the next parliamentary polls.

But BNP candidate Ashraf Uddin Nizam is also desperate to get nominated from the seat. He is adamant not to sacrifice the seat for Rob. However, some senior leaders are creating pressure on Nizam to make him agree to make the sacrifice for the greater interest of the party.

Most of the BNP mid-level leaders are supporting Nizam and pursuing BNP high-ups not to sacrifice the seat at in any excuse. They said the seat is a stronghold for BNP.

Rob is fed up in face of such bad experience and has already threatened to leave Oikyafront while discussing with his inner circle.

He claimed that BNP has dishonored him by refusing his offer to compete from that particular constituency in the next polls.

One of his closed aides said everyone knows the contribution of Abdur Rob in the political arena of the country. No one except BNP dares to dishonour Rob regarding the nomination.

BNP Standing Committee Member Dr Mosharraf Hossain said, “It is true that we are facing difficulties to distribute constituencies among the candidates of the alliance. Laxmipur constituency is a very important constituency for BNP.”
He further said, “It is impossible for BNP to give away to Mr. Abdur Rob. I believe that Rob will understand the gravity of the situation and he will step back from his decision.”

Rob won from the Laxmipur-4 constituency in 1996 election. But he lost to BNP in the election of 1991, 2001 and 2008. This time he is desperate to compete from this place with BNP’s electoral symbol