Promila Kanya
Wind of election is blowing across the country. After a long hurdle, it seems that the election will be held in due time with the participation of all political parties.
National election every five-year takes a festive mood in Bangladesh as people get the opportunity to elect their representatives through direct vote to sit in parliament and run the country as per the Constitution. World watches with wonder as even 90 years old men and women walk miles to reach the polling centres to exercise their voting rights. The sight of thousands of women voters queuing up under the scorching sun outside polling booths reaffirms our faith in democracy.
The political clock has started the 90-day countdown to the 11th Parliamentary Polls.
Nomination aspirants from political parties across the board are passing hectic times to win the hearts of the general voters alongside maintaining close lobbying with respective party high-commands.
Of course votes of the general people will finally decide who is worthy of being a public representative and who is not. Preparations are on the rise for the most significant national event of the country.
Speculation of possible wins and loss is in the air where different party supporters are fully engaged in campaigning for their leader. Inter and intra-party conflicts have been seen among the political parties but apart from few untoward incidents, the atmosphere has been extremely positive so far.
Led by Dr Kamal Hossain, Jatiya Oikyafront has been in the headlines since the declaration of its formation. The masses are eager to know the results of the much-awaited dialogue between the 20-member delegation of 14-party alliance led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and 16-member Jatiya Oikyafront delegation.
It is high time political parties realized that clarification through dialogue is key to ensure a free, fair and impartial election. The beauty of an election lies in the truthfulness of its candidates and their genuine desire to bring positive changes to the country’s fate.
The people of the republic, who are the real owners of the country, has a major responsibility to take part in the democratic process and cast their vote because every vote counts; one vote can tip the scale and make a major difference.
A lot depends on the outcome of the dialogue, which we believe will be held in an environment of amicability and maturity. All politicians taking part should be aware that they are doing politics not for their personal benefit but for changing the fate of the general people. The image and prestige of the country depends on their performance.