BP Special
Yesterday’s talk of the town was veteran Awami Leaguer Prof. Abu Sayeed’s joining Jatiya Oikyafront and his plans to contest with paddy sheaf symbol. It has surprised many that he has been very vocal against BNP and its activities. He has worked as sate minister for information in the Awami League government from 1996 till 2001. His changing his old party and joining Oikyafront alongside BNP was an unexpected move indeed.
People in general also reacted quite visibly when they heard that Golam Mowla Rony has left Awami League and joined BNP and will contest with paddy sheaf symbol. He was a vocal Awami Leaguer only the other day who criticized BNP quite strongly. But now he has vowed to materialize the ideology of this party. Strange is the game of politics no doubt.
Jatiya Party, a member of the Grand Alliance, has been given 45 seats to contest elections on 30 December. BNP chairperson will contest from 3 seats but whether she will be able to take part in the election will be determined by the court. BNP has partially declared names of candidates.
The members of the Awami League led Grand Alliance are at ease as far as selection of candidates for nomination are concerned. In all 230 seats will go to the party members and 70 will be kept for the alliance members. For some strategic reasons all names of Grand Alliance have not been declared on Sunday evening.
Media reports from Chattogram that a host of young politicians from BNP have shown interest to contest the upcoming elections. Most of them are sons and daughters of former elderly politicians of the division.
Election Commission will deploy 1,500 magistrates on election day to ensure proper casting of vote and law and order in the polling booth area. Besides, to monitor any illegal activities on the day, 122 Electoral Inquiry Committees have been formed by the EC.
Some disgruntled workers have taken to the roads in some places in support of some candidates who did not get nomination this time.