BP Special
It is discerned from the gossips going around that some of the partners who have entered Jatiya Oikyafront are trying to steal the limelight in a bid to win some extra point. They are doing things that are not approved by the senior members and yet they are trying to push their way6 to the top. This is resulting in creating new groups and sub-groups within the alliance not to the liking of all.
On the other hand, nomination aspirants are passing their time in tension and waiting eagerly for the names to be announced soon by the alliance leaders.
Barrister Moudud Ahmed is known for his loose tongue. He often says things that have no basis whatsover. Only a month back he threatened massive agitation by BNP activists on the roads that would compel the Awami League government to relinquish power. One month has gone by and he could not start any agitation or we may say he could not find ten workers to respond to his call. But he has not learned his lessons. He has said this time that Awami League may disappear from the election field and not take part in the contest! What a great political stunt! According to this brilliant brain, AL had thought BNP would not participate in the upcoming elections but when Moudud and Company joined the Oikyafront and taking preparations to contest the election, AL is scared now. They are afraid of facing defeat in the elections and talking incoherently.
BNP’s permanent committee sat in a meeting recently to discuss seat distribution and selection of candidates.
The mystery surrounding the death of BNP leader from Jessore Abu Bakar Abu is getting deeper and deeper. BNP had informed the police as soon as he went missing from near his house. It is indeed a tragedy and Chief Election Commissioner has asked the police to conduct proper investigation and find the culprits.
The left democratic alliance has confirmed 115 candidates to contest elections. They however may select a few more candidates soon.