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Election heat is becoming more and more discernible as days are going by fast. BNP has sent as many as five compliant letters to EC accusing of lack of ‘level playing field’ for them to contest in the elections.
Dr. Badruddoza Chowdhury of Bikalpadhara and GM Kader of Jatiya Party have separately met Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday at Gonabhaban to discuss pertinent issues concerning the upcoming elections. Insiders said that both the leaders have discussed the issue of seat distribution with Awami League. It is likely that Jatiya Party chairman Hussain Muhammad Ershad will also meet the PM soon.

According to latest vote equation, nearly 50 new aspirants will get BNP ticket to contest elections. Because of old age or not playing any active role in the past years about 20 senior leaders might get dropped this time.
Similarly, 9 MPs from Jatiya Party might be axed this time as they could not show any impressive performance in last five years. They also do not enjoy much popularity in their constituencies. JP has requested for 76 seats to Awami League. It is being discussed that they might be happy if they get around 42 seats.
Womenfolk are coming forward in big number to contest in direct election in December. One estimate says that over 300 women candidates are expecting nomination from Awami League. Among them new candidates are found to be more vocal and running around with great enthusiasm. In total upto 12 November, 4,023 aspirants have collected form and about 4000 of them have submitted them in AL office.

Similarly, in BNP, over 100 women aspirants have bought nomination form. Among them are leaders of Jatiyatabadi Mohila Dal and Chatra Dal. These women leaders feel that it is more prestigious to contest directly than get selected from the special women quota.
Meanwhile, Hefajet e Islam chief Allama Shah Ahmed Shafi declared that his organization or members will not support any political party in the coming elections. He said he did not give anyone permission to go for election.