BD Post Desk
With the distribution of nomination forms amid much enthusiasm and fanfare, Awami League has officially started its march towards Jatiya Sangsad. On the other hand, the decision that whether Bangladesh Nationalist party (BNP) will come to election or not was to be decided in several party meetings yesterday, which they might have come to by now. Although it will cause little concern within AL whether they (BNP) join or boycott the election trail especially when most of the opposition parties including Islamic ones have said they are prepared to come to election under present government, the ruling party always hoped that BNP come to the election. AL general secretary Obaidul Quader has, in this regard, opined that it’s a matter of formality only about BNP-led Oikyafront’s participating in the election.
However, as the polls schedule has been declared by the Election Commission (EC) and as most of the parties are tidying up their activities for the election, BNP has nothing to do other than reaching a decision because EC has asked every party to notify, within Sunday, the commission in written which party under which alliance will take part in the election. Even, they have to submit electoral ‘sign’ undersigned by the party or alliance chief. Their constant pressure for a non-party electoral government, influenced by the caretaker government model, will yield nothing but criticism. Because free and fair election requires not impartial government but free Election Commission, which we definitely have. EC, through the declaration of the polls schedule, has called upon taking preparations for the election. Chief Election Commission has confirmed it has the responsibility to ensure a level playing field for all parties. So there is nothing to be frustrated regarding taking part in the election. We think each party should cooperate with EC to successfully hold the national election.
BNP leaders and activists should know that there is no room for emotion in the real world. They must go to election even when their party chief, Begum Khaleda Zia, is currently serving in jail. When most of senior leaders of AL were in jail during 1979, the party did not boycott the national election. Because, the then AL realised solution lies only in taking part in the election. The party might have to pay the price by giving room for emotion.