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Anwar Hossain
During the readymade garment worker unrest to eliminate discrimination in the wage structure, a vested quarter that created anarchy and vandalized factories, has been identified by law enforcement.
The government is now going to take strict action against them, and to this end, intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies are also working, according to a Home Ministry source.
Seeking anonymity, a senior official of the ministry said, ‘for strategic reasons, the names and addresses of the vested quarter cannot be disclosed. Law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies have identified them, and are keeping them under continuous surveillance.’
It is learnt, some of the worker leaders who created unrest in the name of workers’ movement have their own identity while there are a good number of lower-level activists of some political party’s regional committee.
Encouraging such movement, those people created anarchy and also involved in tarnishing government image. Intelligence agencies have identified many of them.
Sources said, registration of those organizations, from where the worker leaders provoked the unrest, may also be cancelled. At the same time cases have been filed in the local police station against unidentified people for preventing government work, destroying state wealth and creating sufferings to mass people, for which they may be arrested at any time, and handed over to court.
Commerce Minister, Tipu Munshi had said that a vested quarter had entered the workers’ movement provoking and misguiding the workers. Being under a political party, they wanted to destroy the country’s major export-earning sector.
Law enforcement agencies have identified them, now it’s time to take action against them.
For the sudden unrest, the earlier commerce minister and state minister for labor had also said, there are vested quarters in the workers’ movement .
Warning such group of people, they urged workers to return to their workplace.
Both the ministers believe, no workers can conduct destructive activities, because workers and owners are like two tyres of a bicycle.
At the time they also said that government’s multiple agencies were observing such movement, they were in the field to find out the corrupt persons.
Government is very much conscious about identifying such vested quarters.
To this end, labor and employment ministry secretary Afroza Khan said, that only salary and wages the movement was conducted is not true, there are some other reasons too. Giving such example she said, also factories that pay regular standard payroll were vandalized.
Before the eleventh national parliamentary election, a vested quarter was trying to create anarchy in the country so that the government image was tarnished, and keeping matters in mind, law enforcement agencies were keeping surveillance of the RMG sector, which continued till the newly-formed government took oath and responsibility.
Under the surveillance were Narayanganj, Savar, Ashulia, Chattogram and Tongi. At the same time, movement of so-called worker leaders were also monitored by the agencies.