Jamalpur Correspondent
Numbers of families in the district are in constant fear due to recent severe erosion of the Jamuna River banks of the district. A large tract of cropland has also been devoured by the river at different areas and new villages are under threat of erosion.
Most of the victims have taken shelter on river protection dam, government land and relatives’ houses after losing their homes.
While visiting the area this correspondent found the families along their belongings as well as their cattle have been miserably staying on the river protection banks. Severe drinking water, foods as well as fodder crisis also appeared there.
Renu Begum, 65, a beggar of Haripur village, who recently lost her home, said she has become a victim of river erosion for 3 times. The Jamuna has swallowed her 2 bighas of cropland, she added.
Local public representatives said if the erosion continues the connecting road might be eroded at any time.
They said some government Primary Schools, mosques and some other institutions of the areas have already gone under water.
Moreover, a number of installations and institutions, including schools, college, banks and NGOs, are under threat of erosion, he added. Due to the continuous erosion people are shifting their houses and belongings to the safer places and a few erosion-hit families are staying in makeshift homes near the river bank.