Photo: Zahiduddin Saimon

Irrespective of possible fatal accidents, a section of poor people precariously continues to live in shanties near rail tracks in the capital’s different parts.
Makeshift marketplaces have also grown on the tracks mainly at Tejgaon and Jurain areas, inviting great danger to the lives of people.
Every day trains with passengers virtually run through saleable items of vendors who remain so close to the moving trains. Massive casualties can occur at any moment. Yet these people are living in this way.

These are floating people; they do not have their own habitats. Perhaps many of them might have lost their all in river erosion and found their ways into cities and taken shelter on railway properties very close to rail tracks through which trains run every hour.
Many lives have perished on rail tracks in different times just because these people failed to take a little precautionary measure.