According to historical facts, Tablighi Jamaat or as we know more commonly as Tabligh Jamaat, was founded by Maulana Ilyas Kandhalvi as a non-political party in 1927. Today the number of its followers stands in millions and most are from South Asia. The recent feud in the capital between followers of Maulana Saad Kandhalvi, the self-proclaimed Ameer of Tabligh Jamaat, and the followers of Maulana Jubayer left one person dead and more than hundred injured. This might make one wonder whether the party is really non-political and whether by choosing violence, it’s deviating from its original vows to bring religious harmony to the world.
Over the years, this party had many internal conflicts over leadership and there was a pressing demand for socio-economic changes in the way the party was presenting its ideologies. Different leaders were emerging as followers were splitting into different sects. If preaching Islam is key, there should not be any violence or hostility involved. This year in January, followed by angry outbursts of other followers, Maulana Saad was barred to enter Bangladesh to attend the Biswa Ijtema. The situation was brought under control by government’s intervention but now it seems that the conflicts did not actually die down.
A political party can have rifts and differences in opinions but since Tabligh Jamaat claims to be a peace loving group, the actions of its followers should also reflect the same belief. Death, injuries, bloodshed are not the right ways to speak out against wrongdoings, whatever they may be. Biggest of conflicts can be solved if there is dialogue and open discussion between parties involved.
Ever since its inception, the Biswa Ijtema has been one of the largest religious congregations of Muslim devotees which usually take place in winter of each year. Many come from neighboring countries to attend this and there is a special prayer or munajat for world peace held at the end. What started out as a welcoming religious gathering should remain so and should not be tainted with politics or hatred as all religions are known to promote peace.