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After a hiatus of three years, audience-admired actress Richi Solaiman and popular actor Abdun Noor Sajal have shared screen together for a tele-drama titled ‘Swapnogulo Tomay Khojey’. Written by Faria Hossain, director Chayanika Chowdhury has made the tele-drama for the upcoming Eid-ul-Adha.
After returning from the USA recently, Richi has worked in her first tele-drama according to her commitment with director Chayanika Chowdhury. The shooting of the tele-drama took place on Monday and Tuesday.
Richi said about working in the tele-drama, “I promised Chayanika Chowdhury that after my return to Bangladesh, I will first work in her project. And, I have kept my promise. I performed in many audience-admired dramas under the direction of Chayanika Chowdhury and she tried to present me differently than others.”
“Even in this tele-drama, she has tried to portray me differently. The thing is that I never feel pressured working under her direction. In between hangout and fun, she brings out the work from us with ease. I know from my heart that she cares for me a lot”, Richi added while sharing her experience of working with Chayanika Chowdhury.
About the story, Sajal said, “The story of the tele-drama is not just a regular story; rather, it actually revolves around Richi’s return from abroad. I really liked the story.”
“Any project of Chayanika Chowdhury seems to be done in an organised way. Even, this tele-drama with Richi was well-organised. As an actress, Richi Solaiman is a good actress and I always enjoy working with her. We had fun in between the shooting”, the actor added further.
Director Chayanika Chowdhury informed that tele-drama ‘Swapnogulo Tomay Khojey’ will be aired on a satellite TV channel during next Eid.