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Staff Correspondent
The Election Commission has directed Deputy Commissioners and Divisional Commissioners to remove all the election campaign materials, including posters, archways and gates, from public places within the next seven days.
Election Commission Secretary Helaluddin Ahmed came up with the directive in a meeting at Nirbachan Bhaban on Friday.
“Those who have used various materials, including posters, leaflets, archways and gates, as part of campaign have to remove those at their own initiative. No campaign will be allowed until the allocation of electoral symbols.”
“If anyone denies to do so, the commission will take stern steps against them according to the electoral code of conduct,” he said.
No political party or candidate can begin their election campaigning before the allocation of the electoral symbols, Helal Uddin also said.
The EC will allocate the electoral symbols on November 30, Helal Uddin said while talking to reporters at the Nirbachan Bhaban in Dhaka this morning.
The candidates can officially begin conducting their campaigns from December 1, the EC secretary also said.
“We urge all to maintain the electoral code of conducts.”
The EC has also asked all the political parties, who want to participate in the 11th parliamentary election through any coalition, to inform the commission in this regard within next three days, Helal Uddin also said.
“We have already sent letters to all the registered political parties saying that if any political party wants to join the general election though any alliance, it will have to inform the commission within next three days,” he added.
Helaluddin said as election schedule has been announced, no rally, procession or torch procession will be allowed now, and action will be taken if processions are brought out violating the election code of conduct.
Replying to a question, he said there is no chance that an unregistered party to participate in elections through alliance with registered parties.