Bangladeshi expatriates sent home US$1,239.11 million remittance in October which is 8.73 percent higher than the amount received in the previous month in this year.
According to Bangladesh Bank (BB), the country received $1,139.66 million remittance in September 2018, reports BSS.
In October this fiscal, six state-owned commercial banks- Agrani, Janata, Rupali, Sonali, Basic and BDBL received $299.36 million while one state-owned specialised bank, Bangladesh Krishi Bank, received $14.57 million.
Of the state-owned banks, Agrani Bank received $122.56 million, Janata Bank $72.08 million, Rupali Bank $16.87 million, Sonali Bank $87.68 million and Basic Bank received $0.17 million.
Besides, the expatriates have sent $913.30 million through private commercial banks. Among the private commercial banks, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) received the highest amount of $224.50 million as Dutch-Bangla Bank (DBBL) received $93.51 million.
On the other hand, the expatriates have sent $11.88 million through the foreign com
mercial banks.