Dinajpur ASP Mahfuzzaman Asharf addresses a public meeting organised by Hakimpur thana at its premises in Dinajpur on Tuesday. Photo: BP

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Government officials at a meeting in Rangpur called upon the religious leaders to play their due role in preventing drug abuse, militancy and terrorism through preaching the real sprit of Islam, the religion
of peace.
They urged the Alem, Olama and Mashaekhe and Imam Communities to make the common people aware of the evil designs being plotted by some vested quarters against Islam to create anarchy, chaos and communalism in the society.
Hakimpur Thana police organised the rally against drug abuse, militancy
and terrorism for the Alems, Olama-Mashaekhs and Imams of Hakimpur upazila on the Thana premises in Hakimpur upazila in Dinajpur on Tuesday afternoon.
Additional Superintendent of Police for Dinajpur Mahfuzzaman Asharf attended the rally as the chief guest with Officer-in-Charge of Hakimpur Thana Anwar Hossain in the chair.
Hakimpur Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Abdur Rafiul Alam, Assistant
Superintend of Police Akhiul Islam and General Secretary of Dinajpur district unit of Alem-Olama Welfare Samity Md Rafikullah Mahjibi addressed as special guests.
The speakers strongly condemned some vested quarters for misinterpreting religion using the name of Islam and called upon Olama-Mashaekhs, Alems and Imams to keep vigil so that no vested quarter could use the mosques for implementing their vested interests. The UNO called upon the religious leaders for preaching the true meaning of Islam to create mass public opinion against militancy, drug and terrorism for eliminating these curses once for all to ensure enduring peace and tranquility in the society.
The chief guest highly lauded role of the Alems, Olama-Mashaekhs and Imams in creating public awareness against drug, militancy and terrorism through preaching the real message of Islam to build a happy, prosperous and peaceful society.He specially called upon the Imams for delivering special Khutba before the Juma prayers explaining the meaning of Islam to make the people aware of the anti-Islamic activities being conducted by some vested quarters.