We live in a country where the number of GPA achievers is 29,262 among which 2069 are from Notre Dame College. And so, many participate in the race to jump into such successful institutions, forgetting that a total of 55 educational institutions that came up with zero pass rate need to be focused by our media as well as authorities concerned. The matter of regret is that among 8,864 education institutions only 400 could hit the 100 percent pass rate.
Many mostly focus on socio-political feminist agenda: how ‘female students have outshined the male candidates’ in this year’s Higher Secondary Certificate examinations with a 69.7 percent pass rate while the pass rate of boys is 63.88 percent. But, hardly the authorities concerned calculate the number of those among the talented 69.7 percent female students who pursue higher education or employment or entrepreneurship after finishing their studies, rather than getting married and waving ‘no’ to job sector.
Neither we perfectly utilize the existing merits the country has nor do we focus to develop those intuitions like Progati Model College in Jhenidah’s Kotchandpur upazila where none of its 19 students passed the HSC examinations this year because ‘teachers were on leave for years’.
Progati Model College is a two-storey college building on a 166-decimal plot with a lush green field at the front promises a congenial environment. Established in 2011, has 12 regular teachers. Yet, the examinees ‘flunked English’, and the reason cited by the college principal is “the lone English teacher at the institution had gone on a maternity leave for two years before this year’s HSC exams, and the college couldn’t afford to fill up the post.”
The true picture is known to many as we live in it. It is also true that regularly students of such colleges hardly attend as they assist their parents in labour works.
It is high time to strengthen the education sector if we really believe that it is certainly the backbone of a nation.