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A rare species of Ghariyal was caught in a fishermen’s net from the
Jamuna river in the Shivalaya upazila of Manikganj.

Police said Abul Kalam, a fisherman of south Teota
village caught the rare Ghariyal while fishing on Tuesday morning.

The length of the Ghariyal is about four feet and it weighed in at about 22 kg. Kalam took
sold the reptile to a local person for Tk 1,000. The buyer dug a makeshift pool for the Ghariyal.

After news spread of the capture, hundreds of
people gathered to see the reptile. Shibalaya Upazila Livestock Officer Dr. M.
Rezzaqul Haider went to the spot and identified the reptile and took
necessary steps to preserve it. He however, claimed that it was a younger age Ghariyal.

Scientific name of the Ghariyal is ‘Gavialis gangeticus’. The Ghariyal
is a fish-eating member of the crocodilian family Gavialidae, and is native
to the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. The global wild
gharial population is estimated to fewer than 235, which
is  threatened by loss of riverine habitat, depletion of fish
resources, and entanglement in fishing nets.

Later The Ghariyal was sent to Mirpur Zoo through the Department of
Animal Resources.

Dr. Sanjit Kumar Biswas, a junior officer of Mirpur National Zoo said
that once upon a time plenty of these species lived in the
Padma-Jamuna rivers. Now it is almost extinct. There are only 11 Ghariyals in
all the zoos of the country. The recovered Ghariyal will be maintained at
Mirpur Zoo.

Manikganj Correspondent