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MA Salam, Dinajpur
Rana Hossain’s story of becoming self-sufficient is a source of inspiration to many throughout the district.
It all started three years ago when being driven by the cruelty of poverty, Md Rana Hossain, son of Tofazzal Hossain of Maharajpur village of Fazilpur union 3 of the district, decided to try his luck in poultry business. After three years, he is now a shining example of becoming self-dependent through own initiative.
In 2016, he started his poultry with 250 hens of layer variety. Since then his progress never stopped as within days he started selling chickens after meeting the needs of family to make some extra earning. He chose poultry business as his main profession. He then initiated to expand his farm.
Rana who is a son of a farmer currently has more than 6,000 chickens in his farm; of them 4,000 are of sonali variety and 2,000 are of boiler variety.
Meanwhile, Rana has undertaken an initiative to train the youths of his locality. He has a plan to build a large environment-friendly biogas plant with the help of chicken wastages, to meet the cooking demand of his family as well as to play a role in maintaining natural balance.
Rana said, “Being inspired after seeing my farm, many youths from our locality have joined poultry business to become financially self-dependent.”
Speaking about his future plan, he said, “If I get bank loans on easy condition, I want to establish a big hatchery and poultry farm.”
Local chicken businessman Nayan said Rana Hossain proved that the proverb ‘hard work brings fortune’ is true.
Sadar upazila animal resources officer said, “Rana is now known as a model farmer and successful poultry farmer in Dinajpur.