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Due to the heavy rain on Sunday night , the T-Aman paddy were  flattering in many areas in sylhet region , putting the farmers amid worried .

Meanwhile, all the T-Aman paddy were flowering with full bloom .but heavy rain lashes their  hopes as the paddy flattering before the harvesting times.

In many areas many farmers were taking preparation for harvesting the paddy within a week. But on sudden heavy rain hit their standing crops.

This year farmers are hoping to get the bumper output due to the favorable weather condition. But heavy rain had little impact to their good production  said the many affected farmers.

Beside, the T-Aman vegetable also damaged for heavy showers informed by many vegetable farmers.

RohimUddin, a farmers of Hatimganj area under the Gulapganjupazila said, heavey rain flatten my many paddy field portion. So now I passing my days in worried mood as the sky still now cloudy condition.

AbulHasem, deputy director of sylhet DAE said, on last days of heavy rain,paddy field was flatten in many areas. But he hopes this year they will get expected paddy production.

Staff Correspondent, Sylhet: