Industries Secretary (in charge) Abdul Halim, Joint Secretary and Project Director of PRISM programme Md. Mahbubur Rahman, BUILD CEO Ferdaus Ara Begum, Deputy Chief (Current Charge) Planning-3, Ministry of Industries Farruque Ahmed, Gender Consultant and Research Associates of BUILD Mehruna Chowdhury pose during a meeting in Dhaka on Thursday.

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Speakers at a discussion said the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Bangladesh is facing hurdles due to absence of market that results in lower sales causing major losses as the entrepreneurs fail to maintain quality of products.
Focusing that quality of product is very important, they said SME entrepreneurs cannot sell products by maintaining high standard of products for lack of funds.
They were discussing at a meeting between Industries Secretary (in charge) Abdul Halim and a delegation of the of Business Initiative Leading Development (BUILD) led by its CEO Ferdaus Ara Begum
BUILD delegation call of industries secretary at the latter’s office on Thursday to discuss the undertakings of SME Development Working Committee (SMEDWC) of BUILD and implement the decisions.
The meeting also put light on improved coordination of SME/SMCI development through SMEDWC under the Technical Assistance (TA) to BSCIC Component of the European Union (EU) funded programme “Poverty Reduction through Inclusive and Sustainable Markets (PRISM)”.
Md. Mahbubur Rahman, joint secretary, Ministry of Industries and Project Director of PRISM programme informed that 171 Cluster has been identified by SME Foundation.
BUILD is happy to collaborate with the TA Component of PRISM for the coordination and support. A sub-working group with a number of public and private institutions may work on a specific agenda, says BUILD CEO.
Earlier, BUILD CEO made a presentation informing the activities held so far under the SMEDWC and requested the secretary for holding the next meeting in early quarter of 2019.
Industries secretary said BSCIC has got institutional memory and they are now moving to result-oriented works rather than process-oriented jobs followed earlier.
He said SMEs are needed to know about the global changes and in this respect proper global model should be given to them for addressing the change of demand in the coming years.
He endorsed the proposal of engaging BUILD to support the co-ordination activities routed through SMEDWC and agreed for need assessment workshops to understand the emerging need of SME/SMCI.
Echoing the voice of the secretary for extending real support for cluster-based activities, Ali Sabet, Team Leader of the TA Component of PRISM elaborated further on the proposed collaboration with BUILD for the improved coordination of SME/SMCI development. Mr. Ali Sabet, Project Coordinator, PRISM TA project
Farruque Ahmed, Deputy Chief (Current Charge) Planning-3, Ministry of Industries, Mehruna Chowdhury, Gender Consultant and Research Associates of BUILD were presented in the meeting.