We are happy to note that government has undertaken pragmatic initiatives to diversify quality of education with the intent to build the country’s huge population as human resources. Indeed, the recent HSC examination results are a reflection of the government’s efforts to reduce cheating and question paper leakage in order to ensure “quality and not quantity” education for our students. Therefore, there is nothing to be alarmed at the drop of GPA-5 and pass rate in HSC 2018 as the quality GPA-5 matters more than the
The government allocated highest budget to education sector and took steps for diversification of education to bring a qualitative change in the primary, secondary and university level education. Hence, we hope such initiative to improve our education sector would further amplify the quality of education in Bangladesh.
Teachers and educationists view the overall passing rate of 66.64 percent as a success which happened due to better exam management which included improved exam methods, modification in question papers and stricter exam hall rules. All the boards have attained a passing rate greater than 60 percent.
The changed exam methods included checking the answer scripts according to a model answer script created earlier which lead to a more correct evaluation. Previously, right before the exams began, the MCQs would get leaked and students would easily have access to them. This year, to prevent leakage of the questions, students were asked to be seated at the exam halls 30 minutes earlier.
This year, some of the larger examination centres presented the students with different sets of question papers and so unfair practices such as cheating could be avoided successfully.
It is satisfying to note that this year we have not heard about any question leakage and the board also gave the evaluators strict instructions to carefully mark the papers so that students obtain marks they truly deserve.