Md saifuddin Al Quaderi
Throughout the latter part of the 20th century and the beginning of the early 2000s there has been a global shift towards empowering women. The trend started from the West and has slowly crept its ways of change into the East and South-East Asia. However, in this time span, the scenario behind the curtains, so to speak has not changed to that much of an extent.
An example can be a well educated male person who has accomplished his institutionalized education up to his achievement of higher degrees and is well knowledgeable in the index of contemporary debated social issues like women empowerment and violence against women and children and domestic violence, chooses to cause physical or mental harm to his partner. The issue is quite real and quite serious.
Education builds a human being. This building process is a very time consuming procedure with multitude of variables that work in a multifaceted manner on an individual. However, the purpose of education is to build a properly functioning cog-wheel in the machine of society and ultimately nation. And, when some individuals go against that purpose and fail to inhibit themselves from engrossing themselves in their baser and non-negotiated act of violence even for a small amount of time it is safe to summarize that education in that instant has become a failure.
In order to make it clearer take an individual who has completed his graduation and has gotten a Master degree in English from a reputed university here in Bangladesh. Those who are familiar to this syllabus are well aware of the courses and study materials that are followed, for instance, cultural studies, feminism, critical analogy, philosophy and so many other things. Never once is there mention of beating someone anywhere.
This is a purely fictional scenario. But, it is not that entirely fictional. Still in Bangladesh there are people who are “well educated” and are committing these crimes behind the curtains, at their homes, behind a closed door. Not going into the legal issues of why there is not any record or why the female is still living with him and so on… The question is what the worth of education if an educated male cannot even prevent himself from delving into his baser instincts.
This shows that the education system is flawed in more ways than we can think and come to agree upon. The pseudo-educated individual is in higher regard in the society. And a well-educated person in both words and action is actually a diamond in a coal pit.

The writer works at Bangladesh Post