Bangladesh has achieved many milestones over the years and it is on the way to becoming a developed country. Our biodiversity is also one of the drivers behind our economic growth but if we do not protect it enough, we may soon lose it to culprits like climate change. Our survival actually depends on how well we can look after our nature. The air we breathe and the food we eat all are gifts from our biodiversity but sadly we have taken it for granted.
Bangladesh is renowned for diversity in its nature. There are wetlands, mangrove forests, coral reefs and mountains along with natural resources like coal and gas. But without a stable and thriving biodiversity, we also won’t be able to explore the untapped potentials of blue economy. Our biodiversity provides us with oxygen, food and almost everything of our basic utilities.
There are many problems that our ecosystem faces on a regular basis. For example many species of birds and turtles including the Irrawaddy dolphins and the Royal Bengal Tiger are gradually getting extinct. Our Sundarbans is still recovering from the blows of cyclone Sidr which lashed out on the animals and the greeneries. The few parks that we have are not adequate for a natural life to thrive. We need to have more wildlife sanctuaries, eco-parks, national parks and safari parks so that the existing species can survive.
Already authorities concerned have taken steps like banning tourists from the island of St Martin’s and more than two percent of our marine area is under protection of the government. With more steps like these in future coupled with increasing awareness from all of us, we will be able to save our biodiversity.