Fatefully enough, torture and violence, of both mental and physical forms, against children in Bangladesh has increased in recent years. In the past five years, a total of 1,122 children were murdered in the country. There also occurred over four thousand unnatural deaths to children from 2015 till date. The police website also shows that crimes against children and women and drug-related offences have recently become the leading concerning issues. The propensity of making children subject to inhuman torture and death thereby conveys an ominous message that children are being made vulnerable to predatory instincts of adult members of society.
And that is due mainly to the societal failure of safeguarding them. Feuds in the family, frays among neighbourhoods, antagonism among family members due to property and other issues, and individual avarice make children suffer the most. As children are naturally weak, they easily become the prey. It is all but a sign of sharp decline in social values in Bangladesh. Increased brutality against the future generation depicts the fact that criminals are not duly punished for their offences and that children are absolutely helpless in this regard. Children are born to be only adored and cared for. They are the most precious objects to their parents. But their falling prey to cold-blooded torture and death at the hands of devils show how far we have slipped in holding on to our feelings of love, care, unity, brotherhood and tolerance.
It is recommended that all concerned work in unison so that the Child Rights Act 2013 comes into fruition through its appropriate implementation. We should perform our social responsibilities to the fullest sense of the term towards children in order for safeguarding their rights, letting them breathe in easily, allowing them to enjoy our love and affection, not our hatred and venom. We also feel the urge of concentrated political synchronisation among the parties in Bangladesh in dealing with this issue of national concern. After all, social values should be taught from our homes. Children should be let a free environment for their sound growth both mentally and physically.